About Us

Who We Are

Insurex is a network of strategic thought leaders who serve as advisors to insurance and other financial services CEOs and Boards to help them tackle complex business issues, boost operating performance and maximize stakeholder value.  We help business leaders identify and develop strategic opportunities, implement transformational change, manage risk, and unlock value.

Our unique amalgamation of highly successful backgrounds offers industry leaders strategic advice not readily available through other sources.  Insurex’s Partners have had hands-on experience in effectively dealing with business and transitional problems in their prior organizations.  Their depth of knowledge extends from • strategic direction • executive mentoring and succession planning • launching new ventures • mergers and acquisitions • marketing and sales management programs • insurtech solutions • capital markets • relationship introductions for product manufacturing and distribution alternatives.

Insurex is an advisory group, leveraging the judgement and integrity of its partners, drawing on their history of success.  While each project is led and executed by Founding Partners, we draw upon our extensive industry network to provide additional objective and specific content knowledge and advice.