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September 26, 2018

Digital technology positions agents as discussion partners

The September 15, 2018 article in PropertyCasulaty360 outlines the significant transformation underway in the insurance industry in using digital technology to position agents as “discussion partners” in helping to guide clients to optimal financial decisions as opposed to sales people selling a product.   People want this process to be “easy, efficient, and understandable”.

September 5, 2018

J.D. Power Study

The J.D. Power study that reflects that 20% of people who have homeowners insurance would switch to Amazon (33% for millennials) if it was available.  While life insurance unlike homeowners insurance is generally thought to be ‘sold’ and not ‘bought’, my guess is a similar trend would hold true of the appeal of selling pure death protection (term insurance) through the internet.

April 3, 2018

The Life Insurance Market is Changing

The life insurance industry is in a state of change, particularly for small carriers struggle with low interest rates, regulatory changes, and new technology.

October 2, 2017

Culture As a Corporate Asset

A well written summary of a report done by a Blue Ribbon Commission of the National Association of Corporate Directors on the importance of corporate culture and the role that Boards can play in assuring that companies have taken the appropriate actions to assure that they are maximizing this corporate asset

April 17, 2017

Alternative Funding Approaches

Nonqualified executive benefit programs represent a promise by the company to pay benefits to participants, often over a period of many years and long after the participant has left the company’s employ. These commitments often involve substantial sums and companies and participants understandably may be concerned about the company’s ability, and sometimes willingness, to meet these long-term promises.